Akaash Mehta

Akaash Mehta - Exhibition Director of Creative Tech Week 2017

Born in New Delhi, India, Akaash Mehta moved to the USA in 1983 with his family and grew up in the heart of the 80s SoHo art scene in New York City as his mother is a painter. Having had this influence of being surrounded by the arts from a very young age, he discovered his passion for art and architecture during his first visit to Paris and continued to independently study the arts during his BA and MA at Cambridge University, England. A physicist academically, he found a wonderful marriage of music, the visual arts and science through his studies and interest in numbers, colors, aesthetic, tones, and frequencies.

After graduating, he began his career at Sotheby's and Christie's in London, before eventually moving back to New York and beginning work in the primary market of the gallery world, working directly with artists and sales as opposed the auction market. After five years with a gallery in Manhattan, he founded his first gallery in Chelsea while starting to write, consult, and curate. Although he has remained widely active as a private dealer he veered towards the creative element of curating, which he felt allowed his own personal vision and aesthetic to be exhibited and has since put on multiple show around New York City, while publishing multiple articles and conducting various interviews with important critics and artists.

The Arts Hub at Creative Tech Week has been a wonderful challenge as conceptualizing this new, innovative and ground breaking arts media exposed him to a world where science and the arts combine - something that speaks to his original academic curiosity as well as his passion and appreciation for creating, at the incredible venue, the Knockdown Center.